A new day, a new jump!

Reddit gave me great advice!


4/24/20232 min read

Reddit gave me good advice!

Believe it or not...
I tend to post Age of Irata updates all over the place, but one place that I get the best advice from is Reddit.

Today I released an updated Age of Irata trailer. I shared it to one of my favourite subreddits and one of the very first comments was that my jump looked too "floaty" and unprofessional.

For a brief moment, that comment stung... then I realized that this individual probably saved me from releasing my game with a floaty jump.

I will definitely be working more on this jump, but I immediately started work on increasing the gravity when our inertia goes negative. Even that small change alone, makes Irata feel 10x better.

I plan on expanding this idea further and adding even better jump/airtime functionality going forward.

Thank you Reddit!

Until Next time!

04-29-2023 Update:

its easy to take offense to people critiquing your work. My advice? Give yourself a few minutes to be offended and then do a deep dive into those criticisms.

Is there merit behind the critique and if you were to take the time to make the improvements, would it genuinely make the end result more enjoyable for the end user?

if the answer is yes (and in my case it definitely was), then you owe it to yourself to try to make the improvement.

In my case, I was able to make the changes to my jumping mechanic relatively fast, and I used this as an opportunity to show everyone in the subreddit that I will take their criticisms/advice seriously. I shared the update with that individual and here was the response:

I guess the moral of the story is:

I am creating something for other people to enjoy. If the people that will eventually pay to buy my product have some ideas on how I can make the game more enjoyable for them, I am going to take that advice.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update to the original post!