A New Demo Trailer

A new trailer for the Age of Irata Demo!


4/20/20231 min read

A few months ago, I changed directions regarding the art style for Age of Irata. The main thing that I updated was the color palette, but this meant that EVERY asset in the game had to be re done... thankfully, I was still mainly working on the core functions of the game but it was still quite the undertaking.

If you want to get a sense of the changes that were made, you can view the old trailer video here:

Dont get me wrong, I still like the individual tiles/assets, but the new color palette was one that I designed that has been used for everything in game. in my opinion, sticking to a color palette like this creates a more cohesive feeling.

I will be posting the new trailer on Youtube/website/steam/reddit this coming tuesday (April the 25th, 2023) so make sure to keep your eye out for it and give it a like/share!

04-21-2023: Trailer Link

The new Age of Irata trailer will premiere on YouTube April 25, 2023 @7am MST. You can click the link below to redirect to it!

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