Bounty Re-activator

Making activated enemies reappear.


4/22/20231 min read

I ran into a problem...

There is a bounty that activates enemies upon accept. In general it works flawlessly! However in testing, I found that if you accidentally leave the room, the bounty is lost .
The only way to be able to reactivate the enemies would be to remove the bounty from your current bounty list (which you cant do until you get the Atlas later in the game) and then talk to the NPC again.

How did I fix the problem?

The player contains a list that holds a max of 3 active bounties. The fix was actually pretty simple!

I created a new "Game Object" that holds the objects to activate. When you enter the scene, it checks if you already have the bounty in your active bounty list. If you do, the script will automatically turn on the enemies you need to battle!

If you have completed the bounty (or have manually deleted it), it will be removed from your active bounty list and the enemies and will not turn on!


See you in the next update!