The Ability Directory!

AoI contains a fair amount of abilities. the directory can be used to learn more about what you can have at your disposal.


8/31/20231 min read

Age of Irata wont have the most abilities in any game, but it definitely wont have the least amount either. This, combined with the fact that the solar system (and its many planets) are open for you to explore at your leisure presents a problem of you running into hurdles and not knowing if there is a potential solution down the road.
The directory will allow you to see what abilities you currently have (and which you do not). More importantly, it will give you insight to the abilities available in game. You can then use that information to make a mental note and come back to areas when you acquire an ability that helps your progression!

Earlier this month I spent some time with the language that started it all for me (python)! When developing games with python, you have to make sure you are always using the most efficient route possible (or you end up with something that isnt very fun to play).

The past couple years with Unity and C# have been great, but its also made me kind of sloppy on the coding side of things. Long story short, This ability directory utilizes many of the optimization skills that I took away from the few weeks I spent developing in python!

June and July had me feeling quite drained. Lots was going on with work (the work that currently pays the bills) and I felt that my attention was being dragged away from the important development focused tasks to those that weren't going to progress AoI. This re-focus on coding has re-energized me and the second half of August has been one of my most productive in a long time!

Anyway, I just wanted to make a quick update here and I will be sharing some more gameplay footage very soon!


(P.S. if you havent added Age of Irata to your steam wishlist, I would be forever grateful if you did! 😁🙌)

Link to Age of Irata on Steam!

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