The importance of wishlisting om steam.

Making the case for wishlisting Indie Games.


5/9/20231 min read

Spend any amount of time scrolling through #IndieGames on twitter and you are bound to come across the steam wishlist plea.

In this post, I wanted to give a quick update as to where Irata is in terms of wishlists, what my goal is, and why you should wish list any game that piques your interest!

Age of Irata - Steam Wishlist:

Currently, our wishlists are sitting at just under 200 (189 to be exact). This represents an increase of 54% since the start of 2023!

(Add Age of Irata to your wishlist by using the link below!)
Wishlist Age of Irata on Steam - Link

My goal for release is 10,000 steam wishlists and this should help push Irata into the eyes of steam goers at release!

We are still a ways away, but I am so proud of how far we have come!

Why Wishlist?

For the everyday gamer, the act of clicking that wishlist button may seem insignificant, but for the developers and artists behind that game, it holds immeasurable value. By wishlisting a game on Steam, you provide the ultimate compliment and the much-needed motivation to pour their hearts into crafting an unforgettable adventure for us all to savour.

It is a gesture that recognizes their tireless efforts as they sacrifice weekends and evenings to bring their vision to life. while their are no guarantees of success or monetary rewards, your wishlist becomes a beacon of hope, fueling their determination to create something truly remarkable. So next time you stumble upon a game that captures your interest, remember that a simple click can make a world of difference in supporting the passionate creators behind it.

Thank you and see you all in the next update!