Thermaridia: The Celestial Forge of Energy

A back story of Pyros, the Vulcanites, and planet Thermaridia!

1/8/20241 min read

Planet Thermaridia: A Crucial Nexus of Energy

Planet Thermaridia occupies a pivotal position within our solar system. Its dynamic core pulsates with energy, serving as a lifeblood for civilizations across multiple celestial bodies. However, Thermaridia’s inhospitable environment has thwarted the emergence of indigenous life, rendering it uninhabited for eons.

Navigating the Abyss: Elixirs and Mech Suits

To explore Thermaridia’s depths, one must tread cautiously. Without the aid of rare elixirs cultivated on other worlds or the protective embrace of Metropolis-purchased mech suits, survival hinges on adherence to designated facility corridors. These pathways, etched into the planet’s crust, offer safe passage through the heart of Thermaridia’s energy-rich expanse.

Forging a Path: Pyros and the Vulcanite Legacy

Centuries ago, the visionary Pyros and his devoted disciples discerned Thermaridia’s latent potential. They envisioned a future where this celestial forge could power the aspirations of generations to come. The Vulcanites, though not native to Thermaridia, have tamed its tempestuous temperament. Clad in specialized mech suits, they navigate the searing heat and volatile terrain, channeling the planet’s raw energy.